VTE204 - Enterprise Creation and Development

The global crisis has heightened interest in entrepreneurship as an essential element to foster economic recovery and employment growth. The concept of enterprise birth is more restrictive than the concept of enterprise creation as it refers to a legal entity that appears for the first time with no other enterprise involved in the creation process. It excludes firm creations resulting from mergers or changes of name, type of activity or ownership.

This course purely focuses on enterprise birthing and nurturing to maturity. This course focuses on starting and improving small businesses as a strategy for creating more and better employment in developing economies. It also covers the initiative in which every KWASU student will be given access to gain some insights into enterprise, the culture and their own personal development.

Participants are of cause to note that sustainable enterprise must innovate, adopt appropriate environmentally technologies to remain competitive in the local and international markets. At the end of this course, every student is expected to have conceived a business idea and create an enterprise around the conceived idea.
Instructor: Dr. Ojo J. SUNDAY