HGNS303 - Enterprise and Mentorship

‘The current young generation is characterized by the fact of rejecting the established way of building a career as an employee in various companies. Compared to previous generations, in today's society, there are many young people with fundamentally different approach to the business, work and life generally. It is not trendy anymore to obtain a stable job in a well-known and prosperous company, but to build and own businesses which fulfills dreams, transmits even the craziest ideas out of the head into the real life and ensures the independence and freedom together with the feeling of pride. The fact, that young people are becoming more and more courageous to throw themselves into the volatile waters of business, is extremely commendable, but it should not be forgotten that Rome was not built in a day. Despite of the fact that educational institutions try to prepare their students for current socio-economic context under unknown business environment, most of young people still prefer practical experience over theoretical knowledge . For this reason, starting businesses should consider the use of mentoring and collaboration with an experienced partner’ – (Tiklova &Holienka, 2016).